While Driving you Should Always Carry

  • Your driving license
  • Vehicle registration book
  • Vehicle fitness certificate for transport vehicle
  • P.U.C. certificate
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Road permit for transport vehicle
  • Park your vehicle according to signal board or road marking
  • Ensure that it does not cause any inconvenience to others
  • Stop the engine, remove the key, pull the hand brake and put 1st gear
  • Remember to never park on footpath, near traffic signal, bus stand, fire hydrants, road corners and no parking boards

While Parking you must Always

If you hold a Learner's License, then

  • Remember that it is valid only for 6 months
  • It is mandatory to have a L sign on your car
  • Learner’s license issued in Tamil Nadu is valid throughout India
  • You must only drive when accompanied by a person with permanent license
  • While entering from narrow road to main road, wait for the vehicles on main road to pass by
  • You must slow down and stop on the left side of the road if dazzled by headlights of the vehicle coming from the opposite side
  • You cannot drive under any circumstance if you learners license is revoked

Rules to Follow while Driving

  • Always stop at the red light. However, if policeman signs you to go, then you can.
  • Stop at Zebra crossing and let pedestrians pass by.
    Before making a left turn, position your vehicle in the left most lane.
  • Before making a right turn, position your vehicle in the right most lane.
  • While slowing down, apply brakes first followed by clutch.
  • While overtaking on the expressway, always use the right most lane.
  • While driving on a well lit road during night, keep your headlights on low beam.
  • Always overtake from the right side.
  • Do not use mobile phone while driving.
  • When road is marked by lanes, always drive in lanes and change with signals only.
  • Obey the directions given by traffic policeman.
  • When you are about to stop a vehicle, raise right arm vertically outside the window.
  • While taking a U-Turn at controlled intersection, wait for the signal to turn green.
  • Give way to traffic approaching on your right side.
  • While driving at no signal intersection, if people are crossing the road then let them cross first.
  • While driving behind a vehicle, keep a safe distance from the vehicle.
  • Don’t blow horn while driving in silent zone.
  • Single yellow line along the the side of the road means parking is prohibited.
  • Double yellow line along the the side of the road means parking or stopping is prohibited.
  • At a railway crossing without gates, proceed carefully.
  • While driving uphill, use the same gear as used while going uphill.